About us

Spicy Bite by Nature is the home to probably the most valid tasting south Indian cooking styles. We are a trusted name with regards to an Indian and Pakistani high-end food experience. In a nation with a wealth of zest and fragrances, we offer a portion of the world’s most exoticflavors. Our menu is exceptional and takes into account all. We wholeheartedly invest ourselves in serving the best quality Indian food and desserts in Saskatoon. Our Dishes are cooked legitimately with Indian Fresh Spices, and are made by chef’s long history of experience.

We believe in our ability to prepare valid India nourishment, Pakistani sustenance, Side orders, and desserts.Providing you with a great place to find food in Saskatoon. We have solid group of chefs’ who have many years of experience. Spicy Bite is known for its taste arrangements and ability to fulfill aclient need. From Offering Catering Indian Food for Birthday gatherings to weddings and other social gatherings.Taking into account all the needs of the client.We are here to serve you the best Indian nourishment provide by Spicy Bite.

Spicy Bite offering a wide variety of naan breads heated bya great tandoori oven. Spicy Bite is one of the main restaurants in the Saskatoon city. You can appreciate the great Indian food while drinking a Mango Lassi, or with some Chia Tea. The eating knowledge is much something beyond tasting great nourishment. Spicy Bite createssavory and rich food for all its customers, and a welcoming atmosphere as well as a kind host.